Episode 8: Post Vegas Discontent


Brain Dead Podcast Episode 8 : Larry Queen and TJ Farrell : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive//archive.org/includes/jquery-1.10.2.min.js//archive.org/includes/analytics.js?v=4a56303//archive.org/includes/bootstrap.min.js/includes/archive.js?v=4a56303/jw/6.8/jwplayer.js/includes/play.js?v=4a56303https://archive.org/jw/6.8/jwpsrv.jshttps://archive.org/jw/6.8/jwplayer.html5.js

Yes, like everyone else who when to the Pride 48 Vegas Expo, we are having trouble re-adjusting to our clone status, back in our everyday lives.  TJ didn’t like “Mr. Holmes,” Larry didn’t like getting his reports late, and that may be a small piece of the futon that Eleanor is playing with, or it might be cat poop.  We had a lovely voicemail from R.T. Cruiser, and Google Voice turned it into a perfect piece of gibberish in the transcription.  TJ’s computer is not what it used to be, but we got this episode out anyway, and her car is now safe to drive again.  Larry is quilting on commission.  Sigh.  Vegas is over and we’re ordinary again.


Episode 8: Post Vegas Discontent

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